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  • Official: 2017 Corvette Grand Sport Pricing Will Start at $65,450 April 29, 2016
    For weeks now, enthusiasts have known that the legendary Grand Sport moniker would be returning to the Corvette lineup in 2017. We just didn’t know how much the newest model of the C7 would sticker for. Now we do. Chevrolet announced this morning as the annual Bash continues that the 2017 Grand Sport coupe will […]
    Keith Cornett
  • [POLL] What’s Your Favorite New-for-2017 Corvette Color? April 29, 2016
    It’s NCM Bash week which means we get to hear all of the down and dirty details of the next model of Corvettes first hand from Corvette team members. We already knew that we’d be getting four new exterior colors and that was confirmed earlier this week with the release of the 2017 Corvette Ordering […]
    Steve Burns
  • [PICS] 2017 Corvette Grand Sport with Base Aero Package April 29, 2016
    So far, just about every new 2017 Corvette Grand Sport we’ve seen has had a stage two or stage three aerodynamics package. But today as select members of the Corvette team have picked up their individual 2017 captured test fleet cars from the factory, we came across one of the new Grand Sport coupes in […]
    Keith Cornett
  • [GALLERY] Black Friday! (40 Corvette photos) April 29, 2016
    Just because we are away at the Corvette Museum’s Bash event doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Black Friday. With today being the last day of April, here’s a Black Friday photo gallery featuring 40 black Corvettes from all seven generations. Please try out our new sharing buttons to share this gallery with your Corvette friends […]
    Keith Cornett
  • [ACCIDENT] Corvette Driver Narrowly Avoids Cyclist Struck by Pickup Truck April 28, 2016
    The driver of a white Corvette came close to tragedy in Las Vegas on Tuesday morning but miraculously didn’t strike a bicyclist thrown in the path of his car after being hit by a red pickup. The cyclist is in critical condition with brain and spine injuries, according to Sgt. Richard Strader of the Las […]
    Mitch Talley
  • [PICS] New Sterling Blue Exterior Color for 2017 Debuts at the NCM Bash April 28, 2016
    Next up at the NCM Bash is our first look at a new color that was very much a surprise to us when we first saw it. The rumor mill suggested a very dark blue, but that never made much sense to us as the new Admiral Blue fills that role just fine. Instead, Chevy […]
    Keith Cornett


  • Black wheels are just a fad!! May 1, 2016
    :rofl::rofl: Remember those losers who said that......15 YEARS AGO!!!!! :rofl::rofl:
  • Photos from The Bash May 1, 2016
    Here is a link to some miscellaneous photos I took during the Bash. Quality is not great but for those that couldn't make it I thought they might like to take a quick look. ...
  • alberta ticket issued based on a driver calling in May 1, 2016
    a douche reported me as driving too fast and recklessly on the qe2 today coming home from red deer. i was not. officer pulls me over on the north side of airdrie and says hed heard that i was...
  • Anyone Going To Florida from Atlanta on May 27th? May 1, 2016
    I'm helping my daughter drive to Atlanta on May 27, and then headed back home. I was thinking about the bus, either Greyhound or Mega Bus. They both get in around 6 am Saturday, So I was wondering if...
    Procrastination Racing
  • Heidi Cruz says 'Ted is an immigrant' May 1, 2016
    At a campaign stop just days before the critical Indiana primary, Heidi Cruz, wife of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, said one of her husband's strengths in the campaign is that he "is an...
  • Power steerinf fluid every where. not a leak but an explosion? May 1, 2016
    Any idea where the fluid is coming from? Entire engine, wheels well on drivers side and drive side wind shield is soaked in fluid. Pump was replaced last week. I see no signs of damage to any of...

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